Face Yoga

  • Datum

    28/01/2023 - 18/03/2023
  • Adresse

    Club Haus Am Brill
    51, Rte d'Arlon
    L-8310 Capellen
  • Uhrzeit

    10h00 - 11h30
  • Dauer

    1.5 Stunden
  • Termine

    Samstag, 28.01.2023
    Samstag, 25.02.2023
    Samstag, 18.03.2023
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  • Inhaltsbeschreibung

    28.01.2023- Face Yoga Resolution
    Start the New Year by getting an All-Over Face Workout that warms-up,releases, activates, exercises and cools down the entire face. Make Face Yoga part of your Resolutions !

    25.02.2023- Ears, Eyes & Nose
    Massaging the ears clears stresses from the face and body, and boosts circulation. Combined with Face Yoga Poses, we will brighten the entire eye-area, help release fluids from the entire face and work up a healthy glow.

    18.03.2023-Gua Sha is Good for You
    Back by popular demand. Sweeping the Gua Sha tool over the face & body not only gives you a natural facelift and healthy looking skin, but also has many health benefits. This technique combines with Face Yoga to rejuvenate the face and help you feel good from the inside out.
    *Gua Sha tools will be provided

  • Dozent

    Kim Marel Ronin
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    • Mensch und Gesundheit
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    Club Haus Am Brill/Tel: 30 00 01/clubhaus@mamer.lu